Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review - Merco Box!

Wheee check out this awesome box I am getting to review and share with you guys. It's called a Merco box and it arrived to me full of fun things from Utah! I really love supporting local businesses. With every box purchased, that money goes right back into the community. So good! 

So much awesomeness packed into one little box
^^ Here's what I got inside ^^

I was most excited about the soap nuts from Eco Treasures because we can use them while camping and I am interested to see how they perform in the washing machine as well. 

The Les Madelines 3 madlines were so so delicious. I want to track that company down and get some more!

I also tried the Meals that Transform power bar. It was soft, not crunchy and hard. It had a whole bunch of ingredients in it and I was not sure how I would like it but I ate it at work when I was really hungry and it did great in settling my growling stomach.

I hope to use the other coupons and products soon!


Even if you dont live in Utah but want to enjoy product from Utah companies, you can still sign up to get the box! Even better, you can get 25% off when you use the code "iheartutah". A discount code always sweetens the deal! Click here to place your order

Click here to visit the Merco Box website and learn more

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Movie Review: Rio 2

I won two screening passes  (Thank you Salt City Weekly!) to see Rio 2 this past Saturday and I was so excited because!

A) I love winning contests
B) Tony and I had seen the first one on our honeymoon
C) It's been awhile since we have been able to go to a movie screening

We almost turned around when we got to the theater because people were holding their green papers and walking back towards their car from the movie theater. I decided to jump out and double check and I am so glad I did because there were still seats left.  People had just been walking out to their cars to put their phones away because they would not be allowed in to the movie with their phone. 

The movie opens to the public on Friday the 11th. I dont want to say too much about the movie and besides, I have never reviewed a movie on this blog yet. But I do want to say I really enjoyed this movie - I smiled pretty much the whole time. We saw it in 3D which was fun and the soundtrack was pretty awesome. There were a lot of familiar voices in this animated film such as Anne Hathaway, Bruno Mars, Jamie Foxx and Pretty cool!  Below is the trailer if you want to check that out. Let me know if you plan on seeing the movie. Did you see the first one?

Inspired Guns : Movie Review & Giveaway!

It's been awhile since I've watched a new LDS themed movie but I had seen some reviews for this on TV and it looked pretty interesting and funny so I thought it would be cool to check it out.

Inspired Guns is filled with action, danger, comedy and intrigue. The story is about a couple of LDS missionaries that get entangled with a case of mistaken identity. One of the Elders has a week left and is tasked to get his companion focused while figuring out who they need to teach from a dream he had been having.

They end up teaching a couple Mafioso brothers and the FBI has their sights set on everyone involved. 

This film was written & produced by Adam White who wrote the script in 2003. At the time there was no money to be made but ten years went by and Adam created and sold some Internet businesses he was able to save up the money to turn his script into an actual movie. 

Inspired Guns was mostly filmed  in Utah but there are some scenes filmed in NYC. I am not from Utah but if you are you might recognize some scenes that were shot in Midway, Orem and Provo.

Have you been wanting to see this movie or are you intrigued by this little review? You can find out what happens next if you want to enter the giveaway below to enter to win your own copy!

Let me know if you have seen the movie and what you think!

**The movie is rated PG for some violence, language and thematic material. **

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Doughnuts! : Beyond Glaze

Doughnuts, donuts, they taste the same either way you say it. But have you ever tried a donut from Beyond Glaze? They were at a book signing event I went to a few weeks ago and I have never tried donuts quite like this!

Check out this smores doughnut. I cant wait to try this one!

How about this fancy cherry one?

Here is the story of how Beyond Glaze started.

Doesn't seeing how they make the doughnuts and decorate them make you drool? 

See how you can enter to win 1 dozen donuts in this contest below!

You can also enter to win here on my friend Aimee's blog!

If you'd like to go to one of their 3 locations in Utah, you can find them in Draper, Sugarhouse and Ogden!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Glover Cleaning Service

I have never had anyone professional come and clean my home before so it was a real treat to have Glover Cleaning Service come and clean 2 rooms of my choosing! I picked the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen.  I didnt think either was too terribly dirty but they are my least favorite rooms to clean. Mainly the bathroom is what I avoid cleaning but once Glover came and cleaned, it has been easier for me to keep it up somehow.

This is my before picture but sadly I didnt get any close up details...just a general overall view. Yes, my kitchen really is this small! 

They cleaned my burners so well I was very impressed with how clean they got them

They cleaned and organized the stove area better

Sparkly clean microwave again!

Fridge shelves were wiped down and there were no spills or smudges on the shelves

 Now on to the upstairs bathroom!

The tub has been getting harder for me to clean and was looking grungy. 
Not anymore!

All around the base of the toilet, even hard to reach places, have been cleaned of dust and yucky things

Toilet bowl had hard water stains inside and seemed impossible but now, water stains are gone and it looks brand new! I never thought this could happen.

Rack above toilet was organized and dusted

Overall I am very very impressed with Glover Cleaning Service. I was a little hesitant to trust someone in my house when I was there but everything went off without a hitch. I worked with Dwight to get everything set up and he was fantastic. I cant wait to use Glover Cleaning Service again, seriously!

Click here to get to their website and if you schedule with them, 
tell them you saw my review!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fiesty Fiat 2013 Review

I rented this car to take to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past Wednesday. It wasnt the car I was told I would get from the rental website but it was what was available when I got to the location to pick up my car. It got great gas mileage so I cant complain too much I guess even though I felt like I was almost driving the 'boot car'. 

I started in SLC with a full tank and didnt fill up until I got to St. George.
I did drive around Vegas a bit so I left the next day with about half a tank and stopped in St George again to fill it up. I didnt stop again until I got back to SLC. I think the gas mileage did better on this car than it does on my current car.  But maybe it is very close to being the same. I am sad I didnt get to track it that well. 

I had no time to take pictures of the car in the daylight as I picked up the car Tuesday a bit after 530pm , left about 7pm to go to Vegas. On Wednesday I left Las Vegas around 845pm and got home at 430am Thursday morning. Slept for a few hours, went to work and had to return the car by 530pm. It was such a whirlwind so I am glad I managed to squeeze in a few pictures right before I dropped off the keys. 

The radio area was nice but I was disappointed there was no auxiliary port. Maybe because this version of the Fiat is so basic? But it had power windows and doors so I am not sure about that. It still excites me when a car has this because right now my car still does not have that option, at least, not built in.  

I took a tricky picture of the back of the steering wheel. I have never seen this feature before. Of course there were the normal control buttons on the steering wheel but this little button on each side behind the steering wheel controlled the volume and also the stations. I felt like this was very easy to use and it was nice not having to reach somewhere else, my hands were naturally right here to change the station or control the volume. 

 The control stick towards the bottom in the picture above was a little tricky, one time I was driving in the wrong gear because I didnt know that it wasnt in drive. *user error I'm sure.*   There are two round buttons below the controls for the heat/ac and they are to roll up and down the windows. Such an odd place to put those buttons but I eventually got used to it. 

I did like how all the information on the dash was right in one spot. It was very different to look at at first but I ended up loving how they designed this.  However, neither Tony or I could figure out how to reset the miles for a trip A and a trip B. It would have been nice to know exactly what kind of gas mileage I was getting. There were some buttons towards the bottom right of this picture but pressing them, holding them down, no matter what we did, we were not able to get the counter to start at 0 for my trip. Oh well!

When I looked over my left shoulder it was terrible to see if there were any cars coming. Ginormous blind spot - at least it felt that way. The driver side door had this interesting mirror that I am thinking was supposed to help with blind spots. It was not on the right hand side mirror. I dont think it helped me much but if I had driven the car for longer than about a day, I might have learned how to use it. 

Considering the size of the car, I thought that the trunk space was decent. I was able to fit my duffel bag and backpack back there as well as the friend who rode with me was able to fit his backpack. Probably about half the size of my current trunk (Mazda Protege5)  but if you need extra space and didnt have anyone riding with you, it looked like the seats could fold down very easily. 

- where the button was located to control the radio volume and stations
- gas mileage seemed really good
- size, it was easy to park
- great u-turns

- the big blind spot over my left shoulder. It made me so nervous
- tried hard to set up my phone to the bluetooth. I pressed all the buttons, it should not be so hard?
- unable to figure out how to set trip A and B. Even Tony looked and was unable to get it
- no auxiliary port

All in all a great little car though and I might not mind renting one again as long as I dont have a lot to take with me.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Diamond Candle Review

I won this Diamond Candle in a blog contest and was super excited to find out I was able to choose any candle I wanted on the website. The candles normally sell for $24.95. I picked Vanilla Lime , it was a hard decision though - so many good flavors, I mean, scents. The categories for candles are floral, fruity, food, fresh, fall and life moments. A scent (or more) for everyone!

So when you burn the candle for awhile, in my case I put it under a bulb that just melts the wax instead of burning the wick. This is why my picture above looks really dark on the top part of the candle because that is the part that was melted.

I didnt have to go down too far to find a small piece of foil that would have a ring inside. Yes, these candles have a ring inside worth anywhere from $10-$5000! I was not that lucky to get a ring worth a lot but I am really happy with what I got and it fit perfect ( I wear size 8 )

Side view

Another side view

Ah, it was pretty cool to unwrap the foil packet to see what ring would be inside. The candle smells awesome and I have it downstairs right now and even though our place isnt huge, you can tell it smells great whenever the candle is burning/melting. 

Have you ever gotten a Diamond Candle before? What scent did you get? Let me know in the comments!