Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Longhurst Carpet Cleaning Service

I saw a post on Facebook from a carpet cleaning company called Longhurst Carpet Cleaning. Their deal was great, $1 per stair and our stairs were terrible! We have lived here 3-1/2 years and do not take our shoes off when we come inside so you can imagine that they were pretty filthy looking. In fact, here are some pictures to prove it. 



Yea. Embarassing. I couldnt stand it any more and this deal was the best and so I scheduled them to come on a Saturday in October.

It was the day of our ward trunk-or-treat party. Tony really wanted to borrow their company vehicle (a hearse!) for the trunk or treat but we didnt. That would have been cool though!

The owner and son his scrubbed our stairs from 930 until about 1130am, with a brush , on their hands and knees. I was very impressed seeing them do that.

And the results were nothing short of spectacular. 



Seriously so clean you could eat off them. It's been a few weeks now that they have been cleaned and I am happy to say that we have been pretty good about taking our shoes off when we get in and only walking with socks or bare feet on the stairs. They still look very clean!

They only charged us $10 even though I swear there were 12 stairs (Tony thought we had 14! haha) but I paid them $20 because they did such a fantastic job and worked so hard and $10 didnt seem like enough.  If you would like to use them to clean your upholstry, carpet , them below or check out their Facebook page.

 I cant wait to use them again!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Idealshake Review!

My name is Laura and I have a guest post reviewing Idealshake! My husband Rocky and I got a chance to sample the chocolate Idealshake, a meal replacement shake that naturally reduces hunger and cravings. We were so excited to try this product because we were constantly on the search for the best meal replacement shake due to the fact that we are always on the go, and secondly because Rocky has a consistent workout program he follows at the gym and would always come home hungry! 

Rocky has tried many protein powders and meal replacements and I have always sampled from the huge bottle of whatever he decides to buy. It was always something new because the anterior never lived up to the hype. We both dislike having a chalky or artificial aftertaste! 

We both sampled Idealshake as soon as we got it, I wanted to see if the "tastes great" would live up to its reputation. We had never heard of Idealshake before, however, after sampling, we won't forget their name! It tastes amazing, so similar to chocolate milk or a chocolate shake, without being overly sweet! We feel the taste and texture were right on. It was smooth, not grainy, and deliciously yummy, with no chalky, artificial, or mineral aftertaste!

You can mix Idealshake with water or milk. For our first try we mixed the powder with 1% milk in the shaker bottle that came with the product, which made it super fast and  easy to mix! After shaking we had a smooth creamy chocolate drink, sans lumps! That was a huge plus because I hate mixing and ending up with lumps of powder that didn't mix in!

Rocky decided he was going to try it as a post-gym workout. He got home from the gym and would make an Idealshake. Rocky works out at night the majority of the week, for about 90 minutes doing cardio and weights. He is trying to lose a little more weight and build muscle. He says that before trying Idealshake, it was easy to erase all he had completed in the gym by opening the fridge and snacking on leftovers. He would be super hungry after his workout and eating a piece of fruit never cut it, he was hungry enough to eat another meal! Idealshake changed that! After drinking Idealshake he fell satisfied and wasn't craving anything extra to eat. He felt that was a huge success! It helped him get closer to his goal weight and helped in his muscle recovery.

I would take Idealshake in the morning for a breakfast replacement. We have to little boys that keep me on the go and so it was great to be able to make a shake that tasted so good and that I knew was good for me, giving me vitamins and minerals and that would keep me going through the morning! 

Our first bottle of Idealshake is now gone, however we are happy to say it won't be our last! We can't wait to order more, plus try some of their other products! We also love that they are a local company (here in Utah) since we love to see Utah businesses grow. Thanks Stacie's Place and Idealshake!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Give To Liver 5K - Sign Up Today!

I have a great friend named Heidi who is heading up a 5K race in support of her boss who recently went through a liver transplant. To help pay for the transplant she has put together a 5K. There is an opportunity to run, walk or volunteer in a number of ways. Kids are encouraged to participate too!

The event will be held August 9th at 8am in South Jordan, UT. To sign up or find out more information, go to the website or ask me and I can get you an answer as well. 

The race registration fee starts at $30. This includes admissions, Swag bag, and a Give to Liver T-Shirt.  The kids fun run registration fee is $15 and includes a medal in place of a T-Shirt.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Salt Creek Imports Trailer Rental Review!

 Salt Creek Imports is located in Springville, UT and recently started renting out a few trailers they acquired to people who wanted to take them camping. It's a nice way to test out a trailer for a few days (if you are in the market for one) or just try a different way of camping.  It's so easy to have access to a tent but not always as easy to get access to a trailer. But now you can! Salt Creek Imports is so easy and friendly to work with. 

Last weekend, Tony & I and our friends Lindsay, Garrett & their son Rylan , we all headed down to pick up a trailer to camp with for the weekend. 

Dave is the owner and he met up with us when we arrived to give us a tour and information about the trailer , to sign a waiver form and put down a deposit. We rented the 31' trailer which weighs about 7700 lbs. Garrett's diesel truck was able to pull it with no problems. 

We were headed down to Goblin Valley and we stopped about 30 minutes outside it to fill up with water. It was nice to find a gas station that let us fill up with water - for free!

We made it to our camping spot around midnight and while Tony & Garrett worked to make sure the trailer was level, I unloaded our belongings and the trailer started to feel more like home away from home. It comes stocked with everything but your food and clothing. How's that for convenient! 

The next morning Garrett made us a super delicious breakfast

Rylan visited me via the screen door. It was handy to have 2 entrances in and out of the trailer.

We left Tony in the trailer on Saturday to do homework while the rest of us went for a hike. For an additional fee, you can rent a generator. The generator really came in handy when Tony needed to charge his laptop. The generator also helps power the electrical outlets. The trailer has ac and a microwave but I believe you would have to be getting full power (campsite with power outlets) to get those working. There are solar panels on the top of the camper that help with the internal lights and other things to operate the trailer.

Came back to our campsite to find Tony & the trailer alive and well. 

The kitchen area was small and cute, very manageable. 

I tried to do a panoramic view...fridge, microwave/kitchen area on the left...the right side pulls out and away to make the room seem larger which was so neat!

Back bedroom area had a queen'ish size bed and lots of storage places, decent lighting 
and plugs.

Bathroom was tiny but so nice! Lots of storage space in here as well. Across from the bathroom was a shower and there was an outdoor shower feature is included.

Looking from the back bedroom towards the front. This was on Sunday when we were cleaning up to return back home and so the right side of the motorhome was slid back in to normal size. 

Photo credit to Lindsay for this photo taken at Goblin Valley State Park

It was a little tricky to find where to refill the propane at first, only because we live more in SLC so we were not as familiar with the streets of Springville. Eventually we found a gas station who could refill the propane, hooray!

One of the side windows...makes for an awesome view while camping!

Waiting for our propane refuel. 

The guy finally arrived!

We filled up the propane and the gas for the generator and returned our trailer back to it's spot and we were done!

Important Information:

$75/day or $400 for a week
Honda generator can be rented for an additional fee

photo by Lindsay M.

If you are looking to rent a trailer, I would suggest giving Salt Creek Imports a try! 

photo by Lindsay M.

Where is your favorite place to go camping?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review - Merco Box!

Wheee check out this awesome box I am getting to review and share with you guys. It's called a Merco box and it arrived to me full of fun things from Utah! I really love supporting local businesses. With every box purchased, that money goes right back into the community. So good! 

So much awesomeness packed into one little box
^^ Here's what I got inside ^^

I was most excited about the soap nuts from Eco Treasures because we can use them while camping and I am interested to see how they perform in the washing machine as well. 

The Les Madelines 3 madlines were so so delicious. I want to track that company down and get some more!

I also tried the Meals that Transform power bar. It was soft, not crunchy and hard. It had a whole bunch of ingredients in it and I was not sure how I would like it but I ate it at work when I was really hungry and it did great in settling my growling stomach.

I hope to use the other coupons and products soon!


Even if you dont live in Utah but want to enjoy product from Utah companies, you can still sign up to get the box! Even better, you can get 25% off when you use the code "iheartutah". A discount code always sweetens the deal! Click here to place your order

Click here to visit the Merco Box website and learn more

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Movie Review: Rio 2

I won two screening passes  (Thank you Salt City Weekly!) to see Rio 2 this past Saturday and I was so excited because!

A) I love winning contests
B) Tony and I had seen the first one on our honeymoon
C) It's been awhile since we have been able to go to a movie screening

We almost turned around when we got to the theater because people were holding their green papers and walking back towards their car from the movie theater. I decided to jump out and double check and I am so glad I did because there were still seats left.  People had just been walking out to their cars to put their phones away because they would not be allowed in to the movie with their phone. 

The movie opens to the public on Friday the 11th. I dont want to say too much about the movie and besides, I have never reviewed a movie on this blog yet. But I do want to say I really enjoyed this movie - I smiled pretty much the whole time. We saw it in 3D which was fun and the soundtrack was pretty awesome. There were a lot of familiar voices in this animated film such as Anne Hathaway, Bruno Mars, Jamie Foxx and Pretty cool!  Below is the trailer if you want to check that out. Let me know if you plan on seeing the movie. Did you see the first one?

Inspired Guns : Movie Review & Giveaway!

It's been awhile since I've watched a new LDS themed movie but I had seen some reviews for this on TV and it looked pretty interesting and funny so I thought it would be cool to check it out.

Inspired Guns is filled with action, danger, comedy and intrigue. The story is about a couple of LDS missionaries that get entangled with a case of mistaken identity. One of the Elders has a week left and is tasked to get his companion focused while figuring out who they need to teach from a dream he had been having.

They end up teaching a couple Mafioso brothers and the FBI has their sights set on everyone involved. 

This film was written & produced by Adam White who wrote the script in 2003. At the time there was no money to be made but ten years went by and Adam created and sold some Internet businesses he was able to save up the money to turn his script into an actual movie. 

Inspired Guns was mostly filmed  in Utah but there are some scenes filmed in NYC. I am not from Utah but if you are you might recognize some scenes that were shot in Midway, Orem and Provo.

Have you been wanting to see this movie or are you intrigued by this little review? You can find out what happens next if you want to enter the giveaway below to enter to win your own copy!

Let me know if you have seen the movie and what you think!

**The movie is rated PG for some violence, language and thematic material. **